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Choosing a Gauge: Customizable Functions

Because digital gauges use electronic firmware – rather than mechanical part – to manage their functions, they have great potential for customization. Here are some of the useful custom features offered by Crystal Engineering gauges and calibrators.

Pressure Safety Valve Testing: In order to test pressure safety valves effectively, a pressure gauge needs to use an especially high read rate for capturing the moment a safety valve opens. Some gauges operate at this rate constantly, while others use a special mode to increase the read rate for the purpose. nVision records at 10 times per second, and the XP2i has a special fast PSV mode. 

Pressure Switch Testing: Many applications require pressure switch testing. This requires the maintenance of a permanent testing record. A special function that records data to the pressure gauge as it reads is a good fit for this application.  The nVision provides a documented record of the test.  If a record is not required, the HPC40 Series includes a special switch test mode.

Long-Term Data Logging: A digital pressure gauge capable of long-term data logging is a good replacement for an analog chart recorder in many situations. For optimal data logging functionality, a gauge should be rated Intrinsically Safe and have an IP-67 (waterproof) enclosure to withstand harsh environments. Both nVision and XP2i have long-term recording capability.

Customizable Units: Some users need pressure readings that relate directly to their application - feet of seawater or ft-lbs, for example. A good digital pressure gauge will allow the user to define custom pressure units and deactivate any unnecessary pressure units.

Interface with a Computer: If the user needs a device for continuous logging or real-time data acquisition, some pressure gauges come with an RS-232 or USB connector and the software to report directly to your computer.  In addition, you should be able to communicate directly with the gauge to automatically calibrate or easily integrate into a computerized test system.