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Choosing a Gauge: Error Prevention

When working with high pressure or flammable materials, it is important to select a gauge that helps avoid the occasional human error. Some errors threaten safety, while others threaten the quality of results. To ensure safety, the gauge should:

• Issue a warning when full-scale pressure has been exceeded
• Provide a generous safety factor for accidental overpressure
• Limit the zero range (the amount of live pressure that can be cleared from the gauge)
• Always display live pressure
• Stop displaying pressure if the sensor sustains damage
While no tool can ensure complete safety, end-users should look for the above features in a pressure gauge to help prevent common and avoidable mistakes. At the same time, it is also important to avoid mistakes that change the results of a test. To help prevent measurement error, the gauge should:

• Provide a simple interface
• Clearly indicate the current units being displayed
• Offer a way to limit features and units only to those the user needs
• Stand up to dropping and rough treatment without sustaining damage