ConFigXP 是一款免费的软件,用于自定义您的 XP2i 数字压力表,以满足您的应用需求。您可以添加功能和特殊模式,删除功能以简化仪表,以及执行校准调整等受密码保护的任务。 

ConFigXP 软件提供了诸多有用的功能,其中包括:

• 通过自定义单位向导,将您的 XP2i 转变为显示扭矩、力、液位或任何其他单位的指示器
• 添加压力安全阀 (PSV) 模式等特殊功能,以获取阀门开/关压力、平均值和漏失率
• 消除人为错误,从而提高安全性
• 禁用按钮或删除不使用的压力单位,从而节省时间
• 通过密码保护您的仪表配置,提高安全性,也可将配置保存到文件,或将您的自定义设置复制到另一台 XP2i
• 提供中文、捷克语、法语、德语、意大利语、日语、波兰语、俄语和西班牙语翻译

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  • 应用说明 +

    • 安全阀测试


  • 配件 +

    • $name
      • 2400 RS232 电缆 (6ft)
    • $name
      • 3313 USB A 转 RS232 DB9M(包含)—— 用于连接 XP2i
  • Release Notes +

      • Version 2.4d 31-Oct-08. Added support for latest generation XP2i gauges. Enabled MPa unit and saving logging interval and type to a file.
      • Version 2.4b 14-Apr-08. Fixed a bug with an incorrect tank level unit calculation when using desnsity units of lb/yd3.
      • Version 2.4a 29-Feb-08. Fixed a bug when USB was removed while still connected to the gauge.
      • Version 2.4 25-Jan-08. Added an offset to user units. Added a linear fit wizard for user units and a tank level wizard to assist in calculating user factors and user offsets. Vacuum mode was added for -DP gauges.
      • Version 2.2 21-Aug-07. Added PSV (pressure safety valve) mode. Fixed a problem communicating with COM ports greater than 9.
      • Version 2.1a 23-Mar-07. Added Czech, French, German, Italian, and Japanese languages.
      • Version 2.1 05-Nov-06. Added differential gauge capability. Fixed a password bug in the as received/as left report..
      • Version 2.0a 18-Sep-06. Added Chinese and Polish translated versions.
      • Version 2.0 03-Apr-06. Added ability to load and save configurations, reset to factory configurations, password protection, as received/as left report, and a userspan wizard.
      • Version 1.6b 01-Dec-05. Added Spanish language.
      • Version 1.6a 23-Jun-05. Added support for WT Series gauges.
      • Version 1.5a 19-May-05. Added support for absolute pressure XP2i gauges. Added rate mode for dual display (-DD) gauges.
      • Version 1.4a 01-Dec-04. Added communication with a DataLoggerXP enabled gauge. The gauge cannot be in DataLoggerXP mode in order to connect to ConfigXP.
      • Version 1.2a 10-Sep-04. Fixed a battery detection bug when connecting to older XP2i gauges.