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Correct use of inserts

Reference Sensor in Dryblock Temperature Calibrator
Important things to REMEMBER when using inserts:
− Remove inserts from the well with the insert removal tool.
− Remove the inserts after calibration is finished. It might cause problems to remove inserts later on if they stay in the well for longer periods.
− Take care when removing very hot or cold inserts, use adequate protective equipment if necessary. Some Jofra temperature calibrators such as the Jofra CTC Series shows icons in the display, providing a "Too hot" or "Too cold" warning - Watch the Video on Hot/Cold Icons
− Make certain that the sensors and inserts are free from any particles of dirt before inserting them into the well. Inserts are designed to fit perfectly into the well thus maximizing the thermal conductivity. If not the insert may be jammed.
− Remove regularly build-up of dirt and dust from inserts and wells with a cloth or detergent.
Important things to AVOID when using inserts:
− Do not force inserts or sensors into the well.
− Do not drop any foreign materials into the well. 
− Do not use oil or other liquids to optimize the thermal conductivity due to risk of leakage, which will destroy the other components.
− Do not use inserts of metals dissimilar to that of the block, unless specified by the manufacturer as this may cause a different degree of expansion and contraction.
Using inserts from other JOFRA calibrators

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