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APMi 系列高级压力模块

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Module
Intrinsically Safe Pressure Module

The APMi intrinsically safe portable pressure modules offer the functionality and flexibility to read up to four pressure inputs with a single HPC50 handheld pressure calibrator. Use the modules to either expand the range of the HPC50, view all four readings at the same time, or read two different differential pressures simultaneously. The APMi intrinsically safe pressure modules deliver the same high level accuracy whether in the lab or in the field.

• Accuracy to 0.035% of Reading 
• Temperature Compensated from -20 to 50°C 
• Integrated CPF Connection 
• Eight Ranges Available 
• Rugged Cast Aluminum Housing 
• Self-Contained, Intelligent Modules 

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    • ASC-400
      • ASC 系列 ASC 系列由两个便携式过程信号校准仪组成,能够提供实验室校准系统所具有的功能和精度,并且设计紧凑,可轻松装入您的工具箱。这些校准仪使用方便,并且可现场单手操作。
    • HPC40
      • HPC40 系列 HPC 校准仪是一款现代化的数字仪器,能够提供自重测试仪的精度。从简单的机床类作业,到监控输送系统中的复杂校准作业,该校准仪均能胜任。600 系列版本配有内置电泵,只需轻触按钮,就能产生高至 20 bar 的压力。
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    • APM Cal

      APM卡尔 - 允许您调整和校准的压力模块。进入两个校准点(中点和满量程)和软件将计算和输入的userspan值。