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Temperature Sensor Calibration for Commercial Bakery Ovens

commercial oven temperature sensor calibration

Calibrating Sensors to Ensure Consistent Regulation of Temperature

In commercial bakeries, constant regulation of oven temperature can be as key to producing high-quality baked goods as the recipes used. Just a few degrees can affect the characteristics of the final product. Taste, texture, color, aroma, density – even the size and shape of a loaf of bread or delicate pastry – is dependent on consistent, accurate temperature management.

To help ensure the ovens perform as required, multiple sensors are placed throughout their interiors to continually monitor temperature and humidity. But over time, even professional- grade ovens will experience some temperature drift, and regular calibration of these critical sensors is essential for maintaining an oven’s safety and performance.

When calibrating the sensors, speed and ease of use are important factors. So finding the proper calibrator will help avoid costly downtime and allow you to focus on baking, rather than struggling to learn a complicated piece of equipment.

ETC Series Calibrators Provide the Perfect Solution

The speed, simplicity, and small size of the ETC Series Easy Temperature Calibrators make them the perfect instrument to keep ovens working at their highest efficiency. The block heats at up to 100°C / 212°F per minute and stabilizes in just 3 minutes! Its small size and light weight make it the perfect tool for verifying sensors in difficult to reach places. Temperature ranges are available from -10°C / 14°F up to 400°C / 752°F. A simple one-key-one-function user interface provides immediate access to temperature settings and the auto-step function. And all ETC models offer many of the same useful and timesaving features available in our more advanced dry block calibrators.

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