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Tank Sensor Calibration and Measurement

Tank Sensor Measurement Calibration

Calibrating Temperature Sensors in Hard to Reach Locations
In a tank gauging system, companies measure a tank’s content volume with multiple temperature sensors placed throughout the tank. Distributors use these measurements to determine the value of their product (often petrochemical) and then establish a pricing structure. Therefore, precise measurements are critical, not only to maintain an accurate record of inventory, but to protect a company’s bottom line.

A gauging system’s temperature sensors are often mounted in hard-to-reach locations and may require temperature calibration at very low temperatures. So, special care is critical when choosing a temperature calibrator for this crucial application.

RTC Series Calibrators Provide the Perfect Solution
The portable RTC-157 temperature calibrator is easy to transport to hard-to-reach locations. And in applications where very low temperatures are required, it can cool down to -45°C (-49°F). The RTC Series provide precision temperature calibration of sensors through an innovative active dual-zone heating technology. Then, to bring active dual- zone technology to an even higher level, JOFRA has developed the patented DLC system, making it possible to perform top calibration specifications without being affected by the actual load: for example, many or very big sensors.

Users can save time and move on to other tasks by taking advantage of the RTC temperature calibrator’s auto-stepping feature. This feature allows them to program up to 20 different temperature set points and the hold time for each. Once they are onsite, they start the test and then let the calibration instrument do the rest. Upon completion of the routine, users can review the stored results on the RTC.

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